Zero tolerance, immediate suspension of services and client removal from premises

1. Drug or alcohol use, failing a drug test, refusing to provide a urine sample, not being able to provide a urine sample within 30 minutes,

2. Illegal acts or outstanding warrents,

3. Violence, aggression, intimidating behaviour, guns or weapons

4. Sex acts or lewd acts

5. 3 written warnings of rule infractions in 30 days.

6. Not following the terms of a Client’s Additional Structure Contract

Written Warnings will be given for the following infractions

6. Not following the terms of a Client’s Additional Structure Contract

7. Client fees due before 10am in the 1st day of each month, late fee is $20per day+written warning.

8. Client agrees to make their bed, put away their pesonal items and leave their bedroom door open before 10am each day.

9. Client agrees to a min. of 20 hours of paid work per week or apply for a min. of 2 jobs per week.

10. Client agrees to leave the house between 10am-2pm on weekdays if they do not work a min. of 20 hrs per week doing a paid job (minimum wage or more).

11. Client agrees to work a maximum of 50 hours per week.

12. Client agrees to attend at least two 12 – Step meetings per week, AA / NA / Al-anon.

13. Client agrees to get a sponsor within 2 weeks and start working the 12 step .

14. Client agrees to be rigorously honest with themselves and others and not live in “fantasy land”.

15. Client agrees to develop and follow a recovery plan.

16. Client agrees to enter/exit throught the front door and acknowledge management when doing so.

17. Client agrees to support the R.R. Management Team at all times in a positive manner.

18. Client agrees to comply with all requests from management.

19. Client agrees to always attend the weekly house meeting (normally held) on a Monday @6:30pm.

20. Client agrees to work co-operatively and get along with all the other clients of R.R.

21. Client agrees to provide my own food and personal needs and not use other people’s stuff.

22. Client agrees to no food, cutlery or beverage which is not in a sealed container in the bedrooms.

23. Client agrees to laundry hours are 8am-8pm and machine will not be over-loaded.

24. Client agrees to no leaving the house after curfew (Sun-Thurs 10:30pm, Fri & Sat 12:30am).

25. Client agrees to no absence without permission

26. Client agrees to actively participate in all double scrubs.

27. Client agrees to no wasting utilities, only two loads of laundry per week during hours 8am-8pm.

28. Client agrees to dress appropriately in the common areas and no nudity.

29. Client agrees to limit their use of profanity and vulgar talk.

30. Client agrees to no guests in the bedrooms at any time of the day or night.

31. Client agrees to visitors hours: Tues-Fri: 2-9pm, Sat and Sun: 10am-9pm.

32. Client agrees to no house visitors who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol or hostile

33. Client agrees that after 2 weeks, 2 “stay away at night” passes requested min. 24 hrs in advance.

34. Client agrees to no loaning of money or other valuables to other R.R. clients.

35. Client agrees that the front door is always used for arriving and departing

36. Client agrees to not discuss Gault House affairs with outsiders and do not disturb the neighbors.

37. Client agrees that no storage space is available and bicycles to be in assigned bike areas only.

38. Client agrees to bring no pets onto the property, including no pets of guests.

39. Client agrees that upon move out, to remove ALL their possessions or relinquish ownership.

Fix-It Tickets will be given for the following infractions

40. Client agrees to watch no more than 2 hours of TV a day.

41. Client agrees that TV, laptops, cell phones, radios, dvd’s etc hours are Sunday–Thursday 7am – 11pm, Friday – Saturday 7am – 1am.

42. Client agrees to complete assigned chores in a timely manner, always before 10pm.

43. Client agrees to be responsible to clean up one assigned common area before 10pm everyday.

44. Client agrees to co-operate in the schedule of household chores, keep common areas clean, and respect the property and privacy of other clients or R.R.

45. Client agrees to only smoke outside in the sideyard.